Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition

Holistic healing stresses the need for change in lifestyle, diet, and nutrition. It helps heal the body from within, using the body’s internal healing powers.

While different Naturopaths will offer different advice for a change in the lifestyle, here are some common points that we might suggest:

  • Thinking positive

  • Body massage

  • Eating healthy

  • Being constantly on the move

  • Maintaining a health journal

  • Preparing an environment that promotes health

  • Breathing practices

  • Adequate rest and sleep

  • Releasing negative energies

  • Practising creativity

  • Including fun and relaxation in your life

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While these are some of the changes in lifestyle that helps enhance the quality of your life and overall health, a Naturopathic diet and nutrition provides an additional scaffold. It not only helps keep all sorts of diseases and disorders at bay, but also increases your energy.

The idea is to take food in its original or natural state and steer clear of anything remotely artificial. An expert Naturopath will take into consideration your current lifestyle, diet, and nutrition and study your disorder before prescribing a suitable lifestyle and diet plan. Follow my advice and you’ll see a positive change and quick improvement in your health.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Any Naturopathic diet will be in-sync with the basic guiding principles of Naturopathy.

  • The most basic Naturopathic meal will include wholesome food like – organic vegetables and fruits, whole grains, proteins, organic dairy products and food devoid of artificial chemicals, preservatives etc. It excludes all sorts of junk and unhealthy meals.

  • Naturopathic diets can work effectively on digestive or gastrointestinal issues, food allergies, reproductive disorders, mental conditions, immune disorders, stress etc.

  • If you’re also targeting weight loss, a Naturopathic diet is the best thing that you can follow.

  • Consuming clean and pure water in different forms is another practice that is advised by Naturopaths.

  • In addition to the diet, some nutritional supplements that boost the body’s healing abilities might be suggested.

  • When you’re personally committed to improving your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle by consulting a Naturopath, you will see changes towards a healthy life and benefits that will last a lifetime.

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