Iridology or Iridiagnosis is an alternative therapy where the eyes are considered as “windows” to the body’s overall health state. This is a widely-practiced health assessment measure in various health fields.

Based on the patterns, colors and other physical characteristics of the eye’s iris, it can be used to determine the health and wellbeing of a patient including:

  • The condition of the nervous system

  • The condition of the circulatory system and lymph system

  • Your state of the mind

  • Nutrition issues

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There are a set of iris structure charts, which are used by Iridology practitioners use to determine their patients’ condition. Using these charts, they can measure the difference between healthy and unhealthy systems and organs. Iridology is a form of analysis and not diagnosis. It is non-invasive. The practitioner uses simple tools like a hand-held source of light, magnifying lens or even a special camera (that includes fibre optics) to take pictures. This means that there are no adverse effects from the examination. An Iridology consultation can take up to 30-60 minutes and depending upon the results, a second and third appointment can be scheduled. Through the assessment of the iris, it can be easy to determine past, present and the upcoming health conditions or inherited tendencies.

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