Life is a bit like that, isn’t it?

There’s a few incidents just help define your life, and a few curved balls come up to test us, and often it is just the straight business as usual, routine, mundane and immensely predictable. Yes! I think that sums it up. The journey of life is etched with routine, surprises, and points of particular interests!

So then, what is the ripple that caused this flow of words, this reflection? Life did not see this coming did it? Perhaps on reflection it did. In the small talk on health, on the questioning of what works, in the defining of health plans. Yes. I think we saw it coming.

Among the early morning chirping of birds, Hetal heard and saw the grinding of spices, the flicker of the kerosene stove, the blending of the oils and the soft voice of mum and grandma, explaining the goodness of herbs, spices, and the bounties from the farms. Sparking off an interest that continued on to mature through scholarship and training. Today a registered naturopath, Ayurvedic doctor, iridologist Hetal brings us a blend of eastern and western medicine and learning.

It not like that. They say that you can never mix business with pleasure. You can, and the mixture is often delicious – balanced and rich. So it is with Gargi, always a keen learner of natural and alternate medicine, understanding the importance of the mainstream, but keen to see what’s there right at and along the edges and often bringing the edge into the highway of life.

And so: Feel good Dubbo came to be as two like-minded women who decided to combine professional skills and training with personal interest and local knowledge. A health food shop, a clinic, a service hub creating healing conversations, plans and services

And so, with our blogs – we will be combining some of what we know with some of who we are, looking and checking to see what’s new, what’s on top of people’s minds, and what we have learnt and know. We will mix it up, spice it up, warm it up, calm it down.

We believe that collaboration and integration is the key. Western medicine holds the key to eliminating the source of disease, promoting healing. Alternative natural medicine aims to maintain good health and focussing on the body and encouraging the body to heal itself. Both are crucial, and our aim is to create a synthesis. Create melody and harmony – so that we we live we live well, contributing to keeping the environment healthy and nurturing body and soul.

Let’s us work together to relieve and restore, lets not sweat the small stuff on what’s better and what works best, let’s look at how we can treat and heal, for each one of us is unique.

We will keep our conversations through the blog flowing. Bringing to you what people are curious about, what some people are reading, what others think and what we bring to the debate.

Our blogs will appear monthly on the website so do check in and keep in touch, let us know what you think and what you’d like us to talk about….

Gargi Ganguly